Let us tell your story

While some would argue that good content is only a matter of taste, the clear dominance of online communication has changed the way writers approach their daily job. While style and storytelling are as important as ever, new and more technical aspects related to SEO can make or break the entire endeavour of reaching out to target audiences.

Fastlane’s core business is and will always be content.  From web writing to annual reports and journalistic writing, we can help you shape, reshape and fine-tune your content close to perfection. 

Here are some examples of products you can trust us to work on:


Brochures and leaflets

Let us turn extensive studies or reports into digestible summaries in the form of brochures or leaflets.

Web content

Web content editing or writing with SEO in mind. Optimisation of your meta descriptions, titles and basic HTML structure.


Fastlane has a long journalistic expertise, creating content for news sites, magazines or scientific publications.

Annual reports​

Many clients tell us how annual reports generate little interest from their audiences. If you feel the same way, now might be the time to rethink your editorial approach.

Social media​

High ranking is a seal of quality. It will make readers view your site as a reference on their topics of interest.

So what we can do for you?

Writing / copywriting​

Let us create your brand or campaign messaging from the get go. We can also help with your blog posts, reports, infographics, etc.

Content editing​

Struggling with content coming from different sources or non-professional writers? Let us reshape your content for the better.


Need a specialised typo tracker? We can go through your texts before publication, to ensure error remains.


SEO puts you off? Let us check your online content and reshape it for better indexing.

Content marketing / SEA​

Creating money-making ads is a delicate art, one that we can help you master. We can either audit your existing ad campaigns or create new, more effective ones.

Content audit​

In some situations, an external perspective on your content can prove useful. We can go through some of your most sensitive content and advise you on ways to reshape it according to your objectives and audiences.