Emails are still one of the better ways to keep your audience updated. It’s all about doing it right. As people receive more and more emails all battling for their share of attention, content and design have never been so important. Success is up to finding the right subject line, building intuitive designs and getting straight the point – with the very content that will trigger the user actions you expect.

Fastlane helps you craft beautiful newsletters or email campaigns that will make your audiences want to know more. We do so with conversions and responsiveness in mind. 

You should opt for our email services if you are looking for:


Emails are means to an end. By using them adequately, we can increase your impact amongst target audiences.

Higher user engagement​

Email campaigns are a unique way to engage with your audiences, "activate" them and get them involved with your plans.​


Email campaigns can provide highly valuable information as to what your target audiences care about.​

Ways to let people know what you're working on​

You can't expect your audiences to keep coming back to your website or keep track of what you do without landing in their inbox once in a while.

So what we can do for you?

HTML template creation​

Forget about that free MailChimp template everyone else is using. Let us build your own: compliant with your brand guidelines, easy to edit and with all the sections you need.

Template testing​

Your bounce rate has become abnormally high? Our team uses some of the best email testing tools out there to identify any issues that may lead to such disappointing results.


You don't have enough clicks and just ended up thinking email campaigns don't work? Give Fastlane a try. Let us analyse your past mailings and point at relevant improvements.

Campaign management​

A newsletter or mass mailing is nothing without a proper strategy in place. Let us draft a build a strategy document around your objectives, for your staff to follow.

Content creation​

Let Fastlane's writers take care of your content. Tell us what you want to achieve, and we'll find the rights words to generate the conversions you want.

In-CMS solutions

You've had enough of subscription-based mass mailing solutions? We can upgrade your Drupal or WordPress setup with alternatives that are just as effective and easy to use.