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Design with purpose

Professional design is not a luxury, it’s a matter of being seen. Adobe itself said it: Companies with strong design outperform those with weaker ones by 219% over 10 years. This is even truer in the so-called EU bubble, where the number of players competing for attention in incredibly high.

In this context, Fastlane proposes strong, purposeful visual identities that truly make a statement about your organisation, its message and its positioning.

Design with purpose amounts to:

Stronger first impression​

We've been taught not to judge a book by its cover, but in reality, most people do. Good design will have a strong influence on user perception.

Higher brand consistency​

We've seen too many times organisations without clear brand guidelines, although these are key to getting people acquainted with your brand.

Stronger brand positioning​

By making self-aware aesthetics choices, you guarantee a clearer perception of your objectives amongst target audiences.

Higher attention span from readers​

Good design is not just beautiful, it's functional. It improves user experience and facilitates the reading process.

So what we can do for you?

Brochures and reports​

Fastlane has a long experience working on digital and print brochures, studies and reports. Our strive to counterbalance text-heavy publications with design choices that make te most important parts of your content stand out.

Leaflets and flyers​

Leaflets and flyers have the difficult task to streamline information so that your messages can get across very quickly. We can help you craft such products where good design is key.


There is nothing we love more than visual storytelling! Send us your content and tell us about your objectives, and we'll come up with the storytelling infographic you need.

Social media images

It's hard to summarise ideas in about 140 characters. We can create social media images that will facilitate this tedious process.


Keep your audiences awake and active! Fastlane can help you find the perfect balance between oral presentations and supporting visuals, for more engaged audiences.

Brand kits and guidelines​

Let us shape the visual identity of your brand and set it in stone for future generations of staff and contractors.