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Engagement comes first

It’s a common mistake to see social media success through the prism of the number of likes or followers. What really matters, however, is engagement. It’s better to get THE like from someone with a huge following within relevant online communities than a hundred from random accounts!

Thanks to its internal expertise and a partnership with one of the most innovative social media agencies in Brussels, Fastlane can help you get your voice heard by the right people and, most importantly, lead the online debate.

Thanks to our social media offering, you’ll benefit from:

More conversations

Our goal is to make you an authority in your defined online communities, by helping you publish content that will make people talk.

Better tracking

Our team can devise bespoke analytics reports based on your objectives. With these, you can truly find out what the impact of your posts is.

Higher brand awareness

Social media is the ideal vector to position your brand more informally. We can help your target audience get to know - and want to interact with - you.

More trust and authority

Become a key opinion leader thanks to pour well-refined strategies.

So what we can do for you?

Community management

Posting on a regular basis and engaging with your followers has become too time-consuming? We can take over a whole channel or handle timely campaigns on your behalf.

Social media audit

Unhappy with your social media performance? It might be time for an audit! We can show you how you, your products and the issues you care about are really perceived by relevant communities.

Event coverage​

Social media has become a key means for people interested in your events to get involved despite being far away. We can set up strategies to enable their participation, see to their implementation and report on success.

Campaign strategy​

Digital communication campaigns need social media to be truly effective. We can devise strategies in based on your time constraints, budget and workforce.

Ecosystem mapping

Social media has allowed otherwise distant individuals to gather around shared convictions and interests. These online communities are called ecosystems. We can map these ecosystems for you, show you where you stand and how you can effectively spread your messages.