Rooted in Brussels,

with an international reach

Over its almost 10 years of existence, Fastlane has contributed to the communication campaigns of various EU institutions, EU agencies, International NGOs and European trade associations. Whilst these account for a large majority of our client base, we also work with corporate or business clients on a regular basis.

Our clients

Spark Legal and Policy

Spark is a consultancy providing high-quality cross-border research, analysis and advisory services related to EU and national law and policy. Fastlane started working with Spark in 2022.

Political Intelligence

Political Intelligence is a Public Affairs agency. helping its clients identify political risks and opportunities, preparing them to participate in the policymaking process and providing them with the means to actively engage. 


EuroCommerce is the principal European organisation representing the retail and wholesale sector, grouping national associations in 27 countries, , sector associations and leading global players. Fastlane started working with EuroCommerce in 2022.


The Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) is a public-private partnership (PPP) between the European Union and the European life science industries funded under the Horizon Europe programme. It aims to translate health research and innovation into tangible benefits for patients and society, and focused specifically on unmet public health needs.

Fastlane started working with IHI in 2022, providing strategic consultancy services.


The European Network of Poltical Foundations (ENoP) serves as a dialogue platform between the political foundations in the European Union, their local partners in over 100 countries, the EU institutions and civil society organizations. The Foundation is active in the fields of democracy, sustainable development and political dialogue.


Bonding people, ideas and elements to reinvent progress. Solvay's motto says it all about the importance if this international company that's pretty much anywhere around us: in our mobile phones, electric car batteries, farms, clothes, personal care products and even space shuttles!


OncoDNA is a genomic and theranostic company specialising in precision medicine for the treatment of patients with cancer and genetic diseases. Their goal: revolutionising the way patients diagnosed with a cancer or a genetic disease are treated.

European Society of Cardiology

The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) disseminates evidence-based scientific knowledge to cardiovascular professionals so that they can provide better care to their patients.

European Commission

The executive branch of the European Union, responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the EU treaties and managing the day-to-day business of the EU.


Cecoforma is a Brussels-based agency with a 30+ years track record in the event and communication business.


Tipik is one of the main communication agencies servicing EU institutions with communication campaigns and products. They have been consistently outsourcing some of their editorial and design products to Fastlane since 2016.

Migration Policy Group

The Migration Policy Group is an independent think-and-do tank based in Brussels. MPG’s purpose is rooted in its ability to inspire networks to provide evidence-based projects, research and campaigns in the areas of integration, migration and anti-discrimination.

Greenovate! Europe

Greenovate! Europe is a not-for-profit network of organisations dedicated to sustainable innovation. Together we develop sustainability projects and provide innovation support services to researchers, companies and policy-makers.


The Association for Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE) aims to enhance the quality of Teacher Education in Europe through active dialogue and international exchange of research and practice in initial and in-service teacher education.

EU Publications Office

The Publications Office of the European Union (Publications Office) is an interinstitutional office whose task is to handle the publications of the institutions of the European Union.


The Institute for European Environmental Policy is a sustainability think tank working with stakeholders across EU institutions, international bodies, academia, civil society and industry.

European Patients Forum

The European Patients’ Forum (EPF) is an umbrella organisation of patient organisations across Europe and across disease-areas. Its members include disease-specific patient groups active at EU level and national coalitions of patients.

European Parliament

The European Parliament (EP) is the legislative branch of the European Union and one of its seven institutions. It is directly-elected and made up of 705 members (MEPs) representing all EU countries.


EENA, the European Emergency Number Association, is a non-governmental organisation. Its mission is to contribute to improving people’s safety & security.

EU DisinfoLab

EU DisinfoLab is an independent non-profit organisation focused on tackling sophisticated disinformation campaigns targeting the EU, its member states, core institutions, and core values.

Eureka Network

Eureka is the world’s biggest public network for international cooperation in R&D and innovation, present in over 45 countries.