Create hybrid productsfor online and offline use

Looking for a print or digital publication? Or maybe a design that can be easily put to both uses? Look no further.
1. The best of both worlds
2. What we do
3. Fastlane's methodology

We often hear that print media is dead, but is it really? At Fastlane we strongly believe that print magazines and brochures still have a place in communications as long as they follow two key principles: focusing on a niche topic that’s not too time-sensitive, and targeting audiences who will appreciate the sense of exclusivity only a print product can provide.

With that being said, we see more and more clients in need of versatile publications that can be used both online and offline. The challenge here is to find a balance between the constraints inherit to print use and the advantages brought by online media. This is why Fastlane has deevloped a methodology to tick both boxes with a hybrid product requiring only minor adjustments between print and digital versions.

The best of both worlds

You’re contemplating the creation of a brochure or leaflet but don’t want to resort to simple PDFs for its digital version? We have a solution for you.

Creating pure print products like annual reports, brochures, magazines or leaflets is never an issue, but making these interactive, lively and mobile-friendly in their digital version can be a daunting challenge.

To help in this endeavour, Fastlane has devised a cost-efficient methodology to create two completely different products – print and digital –  from the same source file. Your publication will be delivered both in PDF format and in HTML5, allowing for more refined user experiences even on mobile devices.

What we do

Our team can design the following types of products:

Annual reports

Annual reports have evolved a lot in recent years. We can provide design them for you in print, digital or hybrid format.


From simple Keynote/Slides/PowerPoint presentations to interactive HTML5 formats, we can create slidedecks that will keep your audiences on the edge of their seats.

Brochures and leaflets

Fastlane has long-time epxerience in the layout of brochures, leaflets, flyers and posters for multiple uses.

Fastlane's methodology

Fastlane’s approach to graphic design depends very much on the product and its end use. The below methodology illustrates our approach to hybrid products in which both PDF/print and interactive HTML5 publications are produced.

1. Draft content analysis

As we receive your draft content, we will analyse it to determine which parts can be highlighted (infographics, side content, etc.) and which ones can be enriched (made interactive with additional content).

2. Content enrichment proposals

In this second step we provide you with recommendations on which parts of your document can be enriched and how (sliders, interactive maps, tabs, etc.)

3. Mockup creation

The mockup includes the cover page of your future publication as well 1 or 2 internal pages. Once these are approved, we can move on to the layout phase.

4. Multi-format layout

Once the mockup is approved, we start laying out the three or four versions of your publications: print-ready, desktop, tablet (if necessary) and mobile. Each version has its specific ways of displaying content.

5. Correction rounds

Our quotes systematically cover for up to two rounds of corrections based on your feedback. As the content is synced across all versions, changes can be implemented smoothly.

6. Delivery of final files

We deliver your final files: a responsive HTML version for digital and online use, and a print-ready and static digital format in PDF.
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