Video production - Fastlane EU digital communications agency

Generate feelings, spark reactions

We live in a world where a 30-second video has better chances of getting a message across and sparking reactions than an in-depth report running across a dizzying number of pages. 

Fastlane can provide you with video production services that will enable you to make the most of this communication trend. From documentaries and live event coverage to webinars and marketing videos, we will strive to find the format, script, storyboard and style that will turn heads amongst your audiences.

When done right, opting for video content can get you:

More engagement​

Great videos are not only watched. They're shared and can spark conversations online.

More conversions​

The times when you could just put out a video and hope someone would watch it are over. By adding a CTA to your videos, you'll get to know whether your budget was well-invested.

Higher brand awareness and authority​

A good video will make people curious about your brand. It can also establish you as a go-to organisation for the topic at hand.

So what we can do for you?

Event coverage​

Holding an event? Video coverage won't just provide a nice souvenir for those who've been there. It's an excellent tool to enlist those who didn't for the next iteration.


Documentaries are great for brand authority. We can help you define a concept, bring it to production and promote it amongst target audiences.

Animation videos

When it comes to introducing audiences to a topic, presenting a product or a project, nothin can get the job done like a 2D animation video. We can such video for you, from script to motion design and voiceovers.

YouTube growth strategies

You want to make something out of that dusty Youtube channel? Our team will devise a strategy based on your budget, to help you grow your view numbers and bring more conversions.