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Communications are not an exact science, therefore even the most thought out campaigns and products can end up not performing as expected. In such scenario, getting back to the drawing board is often not an option and not necessarily the best solution either. 

A full-on audit of this product or campaign, however, can help objectify performance, analyse gaps between expectations and results, identify issues and set out a new path forward. Our team can provide a range of audit and recommendations services covering just about any pickle you could find yourself in, along with these occasions where you simply need an audit for reporting purpose.

Social media audit

See your potential and think bigger

There are two sacred notions on social media: engagement and relevance. It doesn't matter how many followers you get, what counts is how many conversations you generate and whether or not you've activated the right people. We can help you find out through state-of-the-art tools and methodologies.

Website audit

Where every little detail counts

Each year that passes adds another closed door on the path to a well-indexed and converting website. What was working a few years ago will likely not be enough now as user habits change, online content grows and tricks to make your website rank better on search engines evolve. This is precisely where an audit encompassing site health, SEO and user journeys/analytics can prove very useful.

Campaign audit & monitoring

Is everything going according to plan?

Communication campaigns can do wonders to promote an idea, brand or product, but going viral or simply engaging the right stakeholders is often easier said than done. Tell us who you're targeting and what type of conversion you expect, and we'll help you find out how effective your strategy has been.

Tool evaluation

Hints to improve

Newsletters, annual reports, blog articles, leaflets, infographic,... There are many communication products you may want to have assessed by professionals. This can be useful as you plan for improvements, are looking for stronger impact or simply would like to get inspiration on a future, revamped iteration of your communication tool.

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