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Use detailed persona factsheets to know what triggers your audiences
1. What's an audience persona?
2. Why is it useful for me?
3. Fastlane's methodology

Different businesses and organisations appeal to different audiences, and these audiences are anything but monolithic groups. The more objectives and missions you have, the likeliest your audiences are to spread across different segments with varying interests and motives. Successful communication then comes down to understanding what triggers these different groups and creating relevant content. To do this, you’ll need audience personas feeding from objective data and focusing on what matters the most to your communication teams.

Fastlane combines analytics, surveys and AI tools to create tailored audience personas and provide detailed audience analysis that is built to last. The result? Better content and more engagement.

What's an audience persona?

Audience personas factsheets present you with semi-fictional characters that embody your target audiences. Or at least that’s what other do. At Fastlane, we do things a little differently.

Audience persona are often presented as identity card- or resume-like factsheets  delivering a snapshot of information about your “ideal” target person (You can even create these using online tools like HubSpot’s). While these can be great exercises to put what you know about your audiences on paper, the resulting factsheets often come out as cliché, more hunch-based than data-backed.

To provide persona that are as close to reality as possible, Fastlane builds them around a threefold approach involving audience segmentation, IA and analytics backed information and surveys aimed at specific audience segments.


Why is it useful for me?

With your new persona facstheets sorted by audience segment on hand, you can start running segment-specific campaigns and messages that are much more likely to generate engagement.

Let’s say you speak to four audience segments: the press, decision makers at EU level, industry representatives and end users. For each segment, you’ll get a set of factsheets representing a specific group of people with similar knowledge, interests, attributes, motivations and frustrations.

You can then develop or fine-tune your key messages and tone of voice to account for each group’s traits, set out clear user journeys and conversion paths on your website, and even create social media posts more likely to turn heads. Sky’s the limit!

Fastlane's methodology

Fastlane understands that every organisation is unique and requires a tailored approach. This is why our methodology for creating personas comes tailored to your needs.

Find out how we’ll perform our audience analysis, from a guided brainstorming session to ready-to-use audience persona factsheets.

1. Kick-off / Brainstorming

Presentation of your audiences as you perceive and address them, and guided brainstorming session to better understand what you know about them.

2. Purpose and communication analysis

Analysis of your past and current communication to better understand how you speak to difference audiences and how they've been reacting.

3. Audience segmentation

Creation of audience segments representing the first level audience groups you're targeting.

4. Audience survey(s)

Profiling of all segment sub-groups by means of online surveys.

5. AI and analytics-based persona development

Our survey results are enriched with data from your website and social media accounts, using AI-based tools.

6 Creation of persona factsheets

Creation and delivery persona factsheets for each segment of your target audiences.
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