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Let your brand speak for you

Brand positioning is the very heart of communications. It’s the basis of all campaigns, concepts, visuals and messages your organisation will generate across its life cycle. It’s also a matter of inventing (and more often than not reinventing) yourself in highly competing environments.

Fastlane has a long track record of building and rebuilding brands from the ground up, based on its clients’ needs and expectations. We particularly strive:

Meaningful cosmetic choices

Fastlane is the right choice if you're looking for a visual identity that conveys a clear message.

Self-explanatory logos

We believe that a logo should immediately make it clear what your brand is about. While we can also provide more abstract logos, this is where we excel.

Impactful messaging

Fastlane has a long track-record in drafting taglines and brand-defining messages.

Differentiation from competitors

When working on your branding, we also look at your competitors'. The last thing we want is for your branding to be too familiar or predictable.

So what we can do for you?

Brand kits / guidelines

From short brand kits with logo, colour palettes and fonts to more advanced visual identity guidelines covering all common communication products.

Brand messaging

You're setting up a new brand or want to rejuvenate an existing one? Fastlane can reflect on appropriate messaging and put it on paper for your staff to apply.

Logos and taglines

No matter what you hear from wannabe edgy agencies: good branding starts with a good logo and tagline. We can help you define these based on your tastes and objectives.