Find your societal callingand the personality that goes with it

Ever wondered why some organisations and brands stick out more than others in the way they communicate? That'd be thanks to their brand archetype.
1. What are brand archetypes?
2. Why is it useful for me?
3. Fastlane's methodology

Businesses and organizations are no different than people. After all, they speak in their own name and are called “legal persons”, right? With this in mind, it’s only natural for a brand to consider what defines its character and sets it apart from competitors or other entities with similar objectives. This is where brand archetypes come into play: They define the building blocks of a brand identity such as personality traits, vision, ambitions and societal purpose.

By creating your own bespoke archetype based on a well-rounded methodology combining human and AI groundwork, Fastlane can help you shape a consistent brand voice that will truly resonate with your audiences.

What are brand archetypes?

Have you ever noticed how the brands you trust usually also feel the closest to your aspirations and values? This process actually comes down to a list of universal themes dominating human consciousness.

Archetypes find their origins in  famous psychologist Karl Yung when he characterised people into 12 different groups based on their personality, vision and motivations. Communication and marketing agencies then adapted these to provide brands with unique identities and started to develop more, with some existing models using up to 35 archetypes to allow for more refined brand identity profiling.

Besides these existing profiles, we can also create custom archetypes based on your values, motives and societal positioning.

Why is it useful for me?

Knowing who you are is just as important as knowing who you’re talking to. While audience personas will help you with the latter, nothing can help you define what your organisation stands for quite like an archetype.

Brand archetypes are more than just a few personality traits. A good archetype will characterize your ambitions, your place in the world and how you consider your target audiences. It’s the cement to the relationship between you and your audiences, and it’s what will help you stand out from competitors or organisations with a similar purpose.

Fastlane's methodology

Fastlane uses the best-in-class models to define brand archetypes for its clients. Our methodology combines manual analysis with AI tools to find out where you stand, how you compare to competitors, where you would like to be and how your audiences currently perceive you. At the end of the process, you will end up with a tailored archetype and a guide detailing how it should be used when creating content and communication materials.

1. Brainstorming session

Presentation of base archetypes and guided brainstorming session to see how you perceive your organisation or business.

2. Analysis of your communications

Manual and AI-based analysis of text samples from your website, presentation brochure(s), social media channels and other relevant communications.

3. Online survey

A survey that will help us find out how you and some of your target audiences/customers perceive your brand and gather statistics that will help us build your custom archetype.

4. Benchmarking

Analysis of the communication of up to 5 or your competitors/similar organisations, to ensure that your bespoke archetype will truly stand out.

5. Analysis

Detailed, analytics-based assessment of suitable archetypes for your brand.

6. Custom archetype

Creation of your custom archetype and creation of your quick guide for archetype-based communications
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