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1. What’s brand messaging?
2. Why is it useful for me?
3. Fastlane's methodology

Ever noticed how some people can tell you even the most generic story and make you want to hear it until the very last word? Businesses and organisations are no different. We’re attracted to brands with a voice that stands out and a language that appeals to us.  In other words, it is crucial to define a consistent brand voice and messaging that accurately represents your company and sets it apart from the competition.

Fastlane helps you develop your brand messages and your tone of voice by determining what stories you tell and how you tell them. We do this based on an in-depth knowledge of your target audiences and your mission statement.

What's a brand messaging?

Brand Messaging is the process by which a brand communicates its value proposition and core values to its audience.

Brand Messaging encompasses the key elements that define and distinguish a brand, including its mission, vision, values and tone of voice. The brand message is delivered through various channels and touch points, such as the company’s website, social media, advertisements and customer service. Concretely it’s about defining the key messages you want to convey, either generally or to specific audiences in specific contexts.

Why is it useful for me?

In the era of instant communication and short-lived trends, it can be difficult to keep all your message grounded while constantly appealing to audiences. A good brand messaging will help you in this important task.

If you look around you, you’ll see that the organisations and businesses with the most impact stand out with their ability to combine creativity with recurring messages. Why? Because they need to spark reactions while generating long-term trust.

It’s a difficult exercise that requires a clear set of guidelines, without which you risk losing your identity and your audiences. At Fastlane, we combine contextual key messages with the definition of a cohesive tone of voice to be used everytime you spread a message out there. These two deliverables will quickly become cornerstones of your written and oral communications.

Fastlane's methodology

Fastlane uses a specific methodology to define the right key messages and tone of voice for your business. We analyse your current communication, your mission statement, your target audiences and your competitors to provide you with a detailed guide to communicating in a consistent and compelling manner.

1. Mission statement and core values

Having a clear understanding of your mission and core values is essential to creating your brand messaging.

2. Corpus analysis

This step involves reviewing the brand's past communications to identify key themes, tone and messages. This step also helps assess he consistency of your brand messaging and identify opportunities.

3. Audience data analysis

What do you know of your audiences' interests, needs, aspirations and vision of your brand? By reviewing existing data and conducting a survey, we can have a better idea of what your messaging should be.

4. Competitor analysis

By examining the key messages and tone of voice of competing or similar brands, we .can identify recurring trends, points of differentiation and opportunities to distinguish your own brand messaging.

5. Tone of voice guide

The tone of voice document describes how you should communicate through your various media. It defines a set of base tone of voice and personality characteristics to ensure consistency in the way you communicate.

6. Messaging guide

The messaging guide is a detailed document that sets out clear guidelines on what message you should convey in different situations. It provides sample messages for different scenarios, audiences or communication channels.
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