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There is no impactful communication without good copy. We can craft the perfect story for each audience and media, using state-of-the art tools.
1. The new age of copywriting
2. What we do
3. Fastlane's methodology

Copywriting is undergoing a revolution in its own right. While it’s still essential to be a good, informed storyteller, technical aspects of writing related to SEO have never been so important. Nowadays, wordsmiths are required to to constantly improve their practices while making good use of SEO best practices and AI tools that can bring their narrative to the next level.

Fastlane’s writers craft content that connects and converts. We study your topics, analyse trends to find a pathway that will make your content stand out, combine human ingenuity with AI insights, and create copy that not only meets evolving SEO demands but also deeply connects with your audience.

The new age of copywriting

The work of copywriters has vastly transformed in recent years. No longer just weaving words, copywriters are navigating a sea change brought on by SEO and AI.

For businesses and organisations, this shift means unprecedented opportunities. Traditional copywriting alone is no longer enough. The new age copywriter, armed with trend analysis tools and AI prompts, crafts content that not only engages audiences but also meets the ever-evolving SEO landscape. The professional copywriter constantly monitors changes affecting their daily job, and ensures that your message doesn’t just resonate but also reaches.

Hiring a “new age” copywriter means embracing this change, elevating visibility, and supercharging audience engagement.

What we do

While we can provide any sort of content, our team specializes in the following deliverables.

Blog posts

Our approach combining online trend analysis, SEO and AI can deliver highly informative and well-written blog posts that immediately rank high on search engines.


Your newsletter isn't performing as well as you'd like? We can help you deliver great content and enticing email titles to increase your opening and click rates.


Let us tell stories about your business or sector. We'll take of the whole process, from research and stakeholder interviews to writing.


Our copywriters can work hand-in-hand with designers to create infographics that do more than just stack numbers: they tell stories visually.

Brochures and leaflets

We can draft your brochures and leaflets based on a brief and raw material you provide. The result? Well-written communication materials skilfully combining text and visuals.

Short copy

Organic pots and paid media have no secret for us. If you're looking for a community manager able to create engaging posts or attractive ads, you can trust our team.

Fastlane's methodology

Copywriting tasks will vary drastically based on existing material (from simple proofreading needs to text editing and full-on writing) audiences, media, distribution and format, and we will always come up with a bespoke methodology to meet your requirements and constraints.

However, most copywriting tasks will be organised around the following methodology.

1. Brief and corpus analysis

Our work begins with an in-depth analysis of your brief, including target audiences, contextual information and available raw material. This stage can also be complemented with interviews.

2. Keyword research

With your objectives in mind and a set of online trend analysis tools, we define a set of trending keywords to rank for, to ensure that (the online version of) you text immediately makes a splash on search engines.

3. Ai-supported drafting

Our custom prompts help us create informed draft texts optimised to rank for our selected keywords. This first step helps us get base content before our copywriters can work their magic.

4. Narrative arc

With our draft ready, we create an original storyline concept (a hybrid between a table of contents and a base structure) to best convey your message and keep your audiences hooked as they read through your content.

5. Manual drafting

This stage sees our copywriter draft the final text, essentially reshaping, enriching and fine-tuning the AI draft while keeping SEO in check.


Once our draft text is ready, we have it double-checked by another copywriter to eliminate typos and ensure the highest level of final copy.
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