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Fastlane specialises in creating website built around user journeys and conversion points.
1. From product creation to full website strategy
2. Our value proposition
3. Fastlane's methodology

There are multiple approaches to web development, but at Fastlane we believe in three things: scalability, upstream analysis and client freedom. When building websites, our primary focus – if you are open to it – is to understand what you expect from your new website and what makes your audience tick. Why? Because only then can we truly provide you with added value and proper performance monitoring options.

Once this has been clarified, we will suggest an approach that is both future-proof in terms of potential new development and that comes with no strings attached. We want you to remain in control of your website and free to move on if you ever feel the need to do so.

From product creation to full website strategy

There is no such thing as a single path to web development. From streamlined product-focused approaches to strategic website creation, our team can adapt to your budget and ambitions.

Purely informational landing pages, conversion-driven membership websites, conferences websites with ticketing system, complex multilingual platforms with multiple layers and functionalities,… All these types of projects require different approaches to design, UX and development.

Fastlane can adapt to your needs and expectations, and even help you rethink your web presence based on an in-depth analysis of your former website, audiences’ needs, expected conversion points and user journeys.


Our value proposition

No matter what kind of work your project entails, Fastlane is committed to delivering these baseline level of service:

Open source only

We only propose open-source CMS such as WordPress and Drupal for our projects. This allows for easier website revamping and makes our websites more future-proof.


All our websites are fully responsive and built to provide optimal experience on desktop, tablet, mobile and everything in-between.

A/B rating on speed tests

We guarantee an A or B rating on speed tests for all our websites, which means faster page load, better user experience and better SEO.

Auto-optimisation of images

Ever noticed how unoptimized images will slow down your website? Fear not, our solutions include a CDN for images, automated compression and scaling, and serving in WebP format.

High-performance and green hosting

We provide two hosting options based on your priorities: a guaranteed CO2 emission-free hosting plan or a performance-focused hosting solution using cloud-based virtual machines.

Daily backups

Your websites and applications are backed up every day (database) and every week (files). If any problem arises, we can always go back to a previous, issue-free iteration.

Secured sites and servers

Our solutions encompass secured hosting, a host of security plugins and modules, SSL certificates, firewalls, brute force attack protection and code encryption solutions.

Maintenance contract

All our website developments projects lead to a maintenance contract covering all maintenance work and related fixes for a fixed yearly or hourly fee.

Staging website for testing

Never worry about an update going sideways. When the time of updates comes, we systematically deploy these and relevant fixes on a staging platform to prevent any downtime.

Performance report and recommendations

As an option, we can plan for an annual or biannual performance report with key performance statistics, improvement recommendations and A/B testing campaign suggestions.

Fastlane's methodology

Fastlane’s approach to web development entails quick delivery and minimal input from clients. Why? Because our clients often have short deadlines and little time for technical considerations. Depending on your needs, we can also enrich our approach with an upstream audit of your existing website or with downstream text optimisation and SEA.

1. Need-based analysis

Why do you need a new website? What do you know of your audiences and what content do you wish to highlight? By answering these questions we can build a website that will fully meet your expectations.

2. Sitemap and user journeys

Once we know what your plan is, we can help you shape an optimal sitemap to ease user navigation and facilitate user journeys that reflect the site's purpose and your key performance indicators.

3. Mockup creation

Rather than create a wireframe of every single page, we favour a process where development is kicked off based on the approval of a homepage mockup. This allows us to dramatically speed up production.

4. Back-end development

We begin the development process with back-end work, preparing the ground for your webmasters to inherit an optimal and uncluttered content editing experience.

5. Front-end development

Frond-end development consists in the design and HTML/CSS slicing of your site's header, footer, main pages, content type templates, etc.

6. Staging validation and website launch

Once the website meets our release standards, we give you access to a staging environment where you can freely test it. Upon approval, the website is optimized and transferred to its final domain.
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