Get EXACTLY the website you need

Wix and the likes have made websites easier to create than ever before, but there is only so much you can do with an existing template, limited design options and a staff that doesn’t necessarily know their way around code. 

Creating a European or international organisation website, or even smaller ones for campaigns or events, quickly calls for bespoke functions and a strong visual identity. Fastlane provides both: we tap into the full potential of open source CMS such as Drupal and WordPress, while keeping costs on the low thanks to well-rounded and heavily tested code, scripts and libraries. Concretely, you can trust to deliver:

Future-proof designs​

Our websites are built to last, despite an environment where design trends change constantly.


We guarantee A/B speed ratings on all of our websites, for better indexing and higher user satisfaction.

Flexible and scalable solutions​

We provide bespoke solutions based on your needs, and plan ahead for possible future needs when conceiving them.


No need to worry about uptime, maintenance or security. Need a webmaster to to take care of content updates? We can do that too.

No strings attached

Fastlane only works with popular and long-standing open source solutions, with no licence fees involved. This means you can decide to take back your site whenever you like, with no costs involved.

So what we can do for you?

Website audit​

Let us go through your website to identify all issues impacting security, SEO, speed and/or functionality. Once we're done, you'll get a report with recommendations.

Revamping and new development​

Need a new website, or the revamping of an existing one? Fastlane will handle development up to the highest standards, within your defined budget.


Our support and maintenance contracts are flexible, with no strings attached. You pay only for the work done and receive detailed explanations.


A good website is nothing without good hosting. Fastlane runs high performance servers to welcome your websites, and you can even go for a carbon-neutral option!

Web design

Fastlane provides web design services, hand-in-hand with development. We create beautiful and modern designs... with purpose.